Waiting Weeks

Advanced ENT will text you about earlier appointments

Be the first to text back

the magic word to get it!

About QueueDr
QueueDr is a HIPAA compliant healthcare software company. QueueDr does not share your data with anyone, will never contact you, and stores your data in compliance with HIPAA.


  1. To claim the appointment, text back the word the text asks you to reply with. If you are the first to reply back, we reschedule your old appointment into the earlier appointment automatically.
  2. If you do not want the appointment or don't get the appointment, your existing appointment is unaffected.
  3. To unsubscribe from all future texts, text back Stop. To start texts again, text back Start to the same number.
  4. Be aware of your insurance eligibility.
  5. If you have any questions for QueueDr, email us at [email protected]!