Stop losing 72% of patients who no-show.

How QueueDr Works

QueueDr automatically reschedules any patients
who no-show without your staff having to lift a finger.


No-show your appointment.

Your practice management system will immediately notify QueueDr.


QueueDr texts the patient.

Using artificial intelligence, we identify two ideal appointments for the patient.


Patients are immediately rescheduled upon response.

QueueDr keeps a running tally of all your no-shows to keep your office organized and efficient.

EHR and Practice Management Integrations

QueueDr integrates with many of the top EMR/PM systems to create a fully automated experience. Don’t see your system here? Reach out to our Sales team about our Premium Integrations at [email protected]

83% of first time patients who no-show are never rescheduled.

QueueDr allows you to customize everything at the appointment type level to focus on rescheduling the no-shows that impact your practice the most.

ROI in real-time

Watch your bottom line grow. QueueDr provides powerful analytics clearly laying out the value you've added for patients, admins, and providers.