“The secret to addressing cancellations is QueueDr. In fact, some of our doctors say it works too well. Call QueueDr.”

- Scott Harris, Practice Administrator of Alabama Neurology & Sleep

Valley Medical Group

Freed up to focus on more important tasks.

Valley OBGYN

Focusing on helping women, not using technology.

Southeast Texas Gastroenterology

No more stomaching long waits and empty schedules.

Peachtree Park Pediatrics

Fewer screaming kids and parents and more time to treat them.

Sanova Dermatology

Keeping schedules full with happier patients.

Hollingshead Eye Center

No more waiting to see again.

Orthopedic Associates of Port Huron

Saving time to see even more patients.


In matters of the brain, time is a terrible thing to waste.

Associates In Digestive Health

Empty Colonoscopies cost.

Neurosurgery Center of New England

It’s not brain surgery, a filled cancellation is better than unfilled one.